📍 4 Ways to Use Widgets on Your Website 📍

Widgets allow you to create events in Localist and seamlessly publish them anywhere on the web. Below we’ve outlined some ways you can incorporate Widgets of every shape & size into your websites:

Widgets as Supporting Content

1. Prominent

A prominent Widget communicates to your audience that events are very important to the organization. If you’re trying to grab folks’ attention and drive traffic back to the calendar, we recommend a Widget with eye-catching photos that takes up a substantial portion of a page.


  • On your website’s homepage
  • On a departmental website’s homepage
  • On a community partner’s homepage
  • In a community newsletter
  • In digital signage (TVs, digital billboards, video walls)


Customer Example: University of North Dakota → John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences

2. Complimentary

A complimentary Widget may still have its own dedicated section and have images but it’s typically a bit more flexible in terms of placement. This size Widget is perfect to pair alongside other valuable content to help increase event exposure within your community.


  • Within a news & events section of your homepage 
  • A section of a departmental homepage/landing page
  • A section of a community partner’s homepage/landing page
  • Within a news article or blog post


Customer Example: Florida State University → Office of Financial Aid


3. Supplemental

By comparison, a supplemental Widget is typically pretty small, and as such, you can sneak them into any corner of a website to help promote events to a wide audience.


  • In your website’s footer
  • Within the sidebar of various landing pages on your website, departmental websites, or community partner’s websites


Customer Example: MIT → Center for International Studies

Widgets as the Main Content

4. Full Page

These Widgets should be the main content of an entire page. Think of it like this: If not for the Widget, the page would not exist because its sole purpose is to provide event content.


  • On a landing page dedicated to events


Customer Example: University of Southern California → Rossier School of Education