🤫 4 Ways to Host Private Events 🤫

While Localist is built to promote events, that doesn’t mean you can’t also use your platform for your private event needs. Below we’ve outlined a handful of ways to handle these events:

Within Your Platform…

1. Restricted or Unlisted Event

If you have a one-off private event, you have two options to limit its Visibility in Localist: 

First, you may have events that are only suitable to your internal community, but not for the public. You can accomplish this by setting the event’s Visibility to Restricted > Logged In Users Only

Second, if you want a hand selected group of people to have access to the event, you can set its Visibility to Unlisted.  From here, the event will not be listed on the main calendar and will only be accessible if you share the URL.

2. Hidden Channel

Similarly, you can create a ‘hidden’ page within your calendar for private events to live on, which you can customize to have its own look and vibe. You’ll have to set events’ Visibility to Restricted > Channels, then set the Channel’s Visibility to Hidden. Once you’ve done this, you can send the private URL out to select folks so they can interact with private events in a centralized location. 

Outside Your Platform…

3. Restricted Widget

If you have a handful of events that you’d like to showcase on another website (like an intranet), you can set their Visibility to Restricted > Widgets. This means that the events will be hidden from the calendar, and as a result, they will only be accessible on the page that the Widget lives on. 

4. Bulletin

If you’d like to send private events to users’ inboxes, you can accomplish this with our native newsletter tool, Bulletin. You’ll have to set the events’ Visibility to Restricted > Unlisted. Then you can add them to an HTML component on the Content & Layout page of your Bulletin Campaign.