🏆 12 Things to Remember When Adding Events 🏆

When creating and managing events, considering the following rules of thumb will help ensure your content starts off on the right foot.

For when you are adding a new event…

1. Add events at least 7 days before the start date,

DON’T wait to add them until the last minute.

2. Put additional event info in the description,

DON’T use a flyer or text heavy photo.

3. Select a Filter from each dropdown when applicable,

DON’T leave the Classification section empty.

4. Use Recurring when there’s more than one instance of an event,

DON’T create multiple submissions.

5. Use Localist Register to send a private zoom link in the ticket confirmation email,

DON’T post your link publicly.

6. Append “Canceled”, “Postponed”, or “Sold Out” to an event’s title,

DON’T delete it if the status changes.


For when you are managing events…

7. Keep it relevant when training new new admins how to manage events,

DON’T overwhelm them with too much information.

8. Approve events within 2 days of submission,

DON’T keep users waiting.

9. Use the Rejection Reason box when rejecting events,

DON’T leave submitters without an explanation or constructive feedback.

10. Fortify your Photo Fallback Chain and Photo Library,

DON’T fret if there’s not a unique photo assigned to every event.

11. Keep Filters concise and audience centric,

DON’T overcrowd your lists and run the risk of users not being able to find events.

12. Keep past events visible for reference and SEO,

DON’T delete them once they’ve passed.