👍 10 “Rules of Thumb” for Your Calendar 👍

Have you ever wondered how much of each feature other customers are using? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of our top “rules of thumb” to help you gauge how much is too much!

1. How many admins should we have?

Rule of thumb: The average customer has around 15 admins.

Best practice: We recommend at least having a handful of Admins with no restrictions so they have full access to everything in the Admin Dash.

2. How many brand customizations do we need to make to the calendar?

Rule of thumb: Fonts, colors, and a logo

Best practice: Whether or not you keep it simple or include a full header/footer depends on your online brand identity and technical resources. At the end of the day, your events will be your “brand”.

3. How many login options should we use?

Rule of thumb: At least 2

Best practice: We recommend using all available options—Local, Social and if available, Single Sign-On— to ensure the broadest community is able to access features that require accounts, such as “I’m Interested.”

4. How many Bulletins should we send?

Rule of thumb: At least once a month

Best practice: Ultimately, how often you send a Bulletin will depend on the number of events you are hosting on a rolling basis and how often new events are scheduled.

5. How many Widgets should we have?

Rule of thumb: At the absolute minimum, at least one on your website’s homepage

Best practice: We recommend creating Widgets for all landing pages that align with your Classification (Filters, Groups, Departments, and Places).

6. How many Filters, Groups & Departments, and Places should we have?

Rule of thumb: At most 7 Filters per set, but no limit for Groups & Departments and Places.

Best practice: While we always recommend keeping these lists on the smaller side for easy browsing, you can technically include as many as you’d like as long as they’re relevant, used often and easily understood by your community.

7. How many Channels should we have?

Rule of thumb: No limit

Best practice: They should not be a mirror of your homepage or Classifications. A Channel should be creating a unique, additional layer to your event content to highlight a specific subset of events.

8. How many photos should we have in the Photo Library?

Rule of thumb: 12

Best practice: You can technically include as many photos as you’d like as long as they’re relevant, used often, and easily identified by your community.

9. How many Sponsored Events should we have?

Rule of thumb: No more than ½ the amount of events displayed in the Event List

Best practice: We understand that there’s always a need to Sponsor specific events, but you should also aim to have a mix of organic trending events on your homepage.

10. How many Feeds should we have?

Rule of thumb: No limit

Best practice: Aim to centralize as many event efforts as possible by adding events directly to Localist first then promoting them on external pages via Widgets, an event Feed or our API.

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