❓10 Common Questions: Part 6 ❓

Have you ever wondered what questions other customers are asking? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of the most asked questions below.

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Q: What are the available Default Date Range options?

A: The available date ranges are: Today, This Week, Next 30 Days, Next 3 Months, Next 6 Months, and Next 12 Months. Here’s how you can update your DDR:

  • Navigate to to the Admin Dash > Settings > Platform Settings > Appearance
  • Select one of the options in the Default Date Range drop down
  • Save Changes

The above options are exclusive to our Emphasis theme. If you’re using our Legacy theme, the Default Date Range options are as follows: Today, This Week, and the Next 30 Days.

Q: When is it appropriate to use a Conference?

A: Conferences are not repeated and the “conference” is the event with optional sessions to be attended within the event. Use a Conference if you need to:

  • Host a one-time event that requires sessions (ex: open house/orientation)
  • Host an overnight event (ex: dance-a-thon)
  • Handle ticketing and registration as a whole (ex: 1 ticket for 3 dates)

Q: Can I set registration on a per-session basis for a Conference?

A: Yup! The Register functionality is exactly the same in Conference Sessions as it is for standard events. The only difference is that you’re setting up registration/tickets on a per-session basis as opposed to on the overarching event.

With this in mind, you’ll just have to navigate to the Edit a Session page in the Admin Dash > click the Tickets & Registration tab > click + Add Ticket or Create your first ticket

Q: How do I get notified that events are awaiting approval in the Pending Queue?

A: If you’d like Admins to receive notifications that there are pending events, you can add their emails to the Pending Digest Email field via Admin Dash > Settings > Platform Settings. This email is sent once daily and includes all pending events in the queue.

Please note that the Pending Digest is all encompassing. This means if an Event Admin is, say, Allowed to Lectures & Presentations and they receive the Pending Digest email, they will see events assigned to all other Classifications listed in that email. However, once they login and access the Pending Queue, they will only be able to see and moderate events that include their Allowed Classification(s).

Q: How can Event Admins (without publishing privileges) view/edit their events while waiting for approval?

A: When an Event Admin (without publishing privileges) submits or edits an event, it will go to the Pending Queue to be reviewed by another Admin. While events are in the Pending Queue, here’s how these folks can access/edit them:

  • Navigate to the homepage > click the user menu dropdown > Dashboard
  • Scroll down to Activity Feed > Pending Events
  • Click the event
  • On the Event Details Page, scroll to the Event Tools section at the bottom
  • Select Admin Event Editor to edit via the Admin Edit an Event Form
  • Upon saving changes, the event will remain Pending until it’s approved

Q: What happens to events after they’re rejected?

A: Here’s how the Rejected functionality works:

  1. Admin Rejects an event (with or without a Rejection message) in the Pending Queue
  2. The event becomes Unpublished & the Event Owner will receive an email notifying them of the rejection
  3. The Event Owner will be able to navigate to the event, where they will see a rejection pop-up
  4. From here, they can make edits and resubmit their event to the Pending Queue for approval

Q: When a feed the source deletes an event, will it be automatically removed from Localist?

A: If an event is deleted from the feed source, it will not automatically be removed in Localist. This is because it is impossible for Localist to determine whether the event has been deleted/canceled or if the event is just not present in the feed. In this case you will need to delete the instance at the feed source and in Localist.

Q: How can I use Localist to send mass emails to our community?

A: Our internal tool, Bulletin, allows you to create, manage, and send newsletters directly from your Localist platform. 

If you aren’t already providing a newsletter that highlights events then we’ve got you covered. Check out our Bulletin LocaList to learn more about this feature here!

Q: Can I change fonts and button colors to match our organization’s brand in a Bulletin Campaign?

A: Sure can! Here’s how you’ll update a Bulletin Campaign’s CSS:

  • Navigate to the Admin Dash > Bulletin > Campaigns
  • Click on the desired Campaign > Edit Content & Layout (top bar)
  • Select one of the components 
  • In the Editing Component, click Edit Component in Theme Editor
  • Once in the Theme Editor, select the Stylesheet file under Default
  • From here, you can change the default colors/fonts between lines 9-36
  • If you need to add additional CSS, you can do so between the <style></style> tags
  • Save Changes

Please note: Making small edits to the HTML/CSS of a Bulletin Campaign (like colors and fonts) should typically be fine. However, too many HTML/CSS changes can cause email softwares to display the content differently.

Q: How can I easily find events I’ve created in the Admin Dash?

A: Upon logging in to the Admin Dashboard, you’ll see a Manage Events section where you can find all of your Pending, Upcoming, and Recent events: