🎯 10 Common Questions: Part 4 🎯

Have you ever wondered what questions other customers are asking? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of the most asked questions below.

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Q: Are Tags & Keywords case sensitive?

A: Both Tags and Keywords are not case sensitive. So for example, if you use the Tag “Localist” and the Tag “localist” they will be seen as the same regardless of case.

Q: What’s the difference between Bulletin and Digest?

A: Bulletin and Digest allow you to send event newsletters from your Localist platform. Bulletins are sent by Bulletin Admins and have a higher level of layout and content flexibility.

On the other hand, Digests are a self-serve way for users to send events to themselves based on Groups, Departments, Places, Filters, and Tags/Keywords.

Q: What does ‘Include Matching Instances’ mean when creating Event Lists in the Chanel/Bulletin Layout Editor?

A: When creating Channel or Bulletin Event Lists, the ‘Include All Matching Instances’ checkbox functions as follows:

  • When checked, the list will show all instances of a Recurring Event.
  • When unchecked, only the first instance of a Recurring Event will be displayed, and once that event is in the past, the next instance will hop in its place.

Q: What Metrics are available in Localist?

A: On a platform-wide basis, the following metrics reports available to Platform Admins:

  • Approval Response Time
  • Attendee Geography
  • Events Created
  • Trending Events
  • Social Activity
  • Users Created

On a per-event basis, Event Admins will find these metrics via each event’s edit form:

  • Attendees
  • Attendee Geography
  • Page Views

Q: Will approved events go back to the Pending Queue if a user makes edits?

A: Yep! Once a base-level user edits their event, it will go back into the Pending Queue and become unpublished until an Event Admin reviews it again.

Q: How can I export events from Localist?

A: If you’re able to integrate with a standard ICS or RSS Feed, you can export events from the calendar on the All Events page, Filtered pages, or Event Details pages by selecting either the Apple iCal or RSS icons.

If neither of the above work or you prefer to work in JSON, then you would use the API. The only caveat here is that this will only return raw data as per usual with APIs.

Q: Can I include HTML in the description of a CSV upload?

A: Yup, sure can! The following HTML tags are supported when included in an event’s description in CSV/ICS/RSS Feeds and CSV bulk uploads:

  • strong, em, b, i, p, code, pre, tt, samp, kbd, var, sub, sup, dfn, cite, big, small, address, hr, br, div, span, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd, abbr, acronym, a, img, blockquote, del, ins, iframe, u

Q: How can I communicate to users that certain events have been recently added to the calendar?

A: For events that have been approved within the last 30 days, a “NEW” label will automatically display on the event card. This label will be automatically removed once the event has been live on your calendar for 31 days.

Just as a heads up, this feature is exclusive to our new theme Emphasis. If you’re interested in adopting the new theme on your calendar, check out our Emphasis documentation to get the ball rolling!

Q: Do you have an integration with Zoom?

A: When creating Virtual or Hybrid events, you can now connect to your Zoom account to generate meeting details without leaving the Localist event form. If you’re using Localist Register for private Hybrid/Virtual events, the registration confirmation email will contain a unique Zoom access link for attendance tracking in Zoom.

Q: Can we add personal payout accounts with Localist Register?

A: Yes! When using Localist Register, Event Admins can now add their own personal  Payout Account in lieu of funds going to a global account and then redistributing.