đź‘€ 10 Common Questions: Part 3 đź‘€

Have you ever wondered what questions other customers are asking? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of the most asked questions below. 

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Q: How can I create a new tab on my homepage?

A: Your homepage is a Channel, so start by navigating to Content > Channels > select Edit Layout for the Channel in question. Next, select + Add Component > Event List within the already present Event Tabs component. You’ll see an editor appear to the right where you can designate a title and how you’d like to include events in the list, such as by Classification.

Q: How can I securely share Zoom/video chat details for Virtual events?

A: If you want to privately share Virtual event details with only those who will be attending, you can use Localist Register to do so. Not to mention, since Register requires someone to be logged in, this will reduce bots from finding exposed Zoom URL/passwords. 

To accomplish this, you’ll just have to follow the instructions outlined here!

Q: How or where can I submit a feature request?

A: You can submit feature requests directly to the Product Team using our Suggestion Box. As always, the Support Team is happy to provide an alternative solution where possible, but if you’d like your idea to be officially considered, please be sure to complete the form!

Q: Can I refine events in the Admin Dash by a date range?

A: By default, you will see all Live or Pending events in the Admin Dash. However, you now have the ability to refine those events with the following date range options:

  • Custom
  • Next: year, 6 months, 30/14/7 days
  • Last: year, 6 months, 30/14/7 days

Q: Will an event still be linked to a Place Page if it’s Virtual?

A: When an event is marked as Virtual, you can no longer link to a Place Page because it’s being hosted online/virtually—i.e. not at a physical location.

 However, as a heads up, the Virtual feature is not equivalent to a Place in Localist. So Virtual events will not be linked to any location.

Q: What are the recommended proportions for photos in Localist?

A: One thing to keep in mind here is that it’s not always about size when it comes to the effectiveness of photos. Rather, you may want to consider the proportions—a rectangular image will always translate better than a square in Localist. 

We also recommend “the bigger, the better” with your photos, as users can click on them to view the full size. In the same vein, you should avoid text-heavy photos as there are multiple viewpoints your users will be referencing them from. 

Q: I tried adding a Tag to an event, but it was removed after saving? What am I doing wrong?

A: If you take a look at the Additional Details section in the event form, you will see that the text field for Tags and Keywords says, “Type a keyword/tag and press Enter“. Just make sure you are hitting enter after you type each Tag and it will save to the event.

Q: Who do I contact to update our SSL certificate?

A: SSL is now self-serve right in the Admin Dashboard, so you no longer have to contact the Localist support team for assistance! You can request a CSR, upload your certificate and secure your Localist platform in one convenient location.

When it’s time to update, you’ll just have to navigate to the Settings > Platform Settings > Domain & Security and then follow the steps outlined in our documentation.

Q: How can I notify attendees of an event’s Status change?

A: If you’re using Register, you can gather a list of attendee’s emails from the View Confirmed Tickets page in the event’s edit form. Then, using our  Promotion tool you can send an email to those folks to let them know the event has been Canceled, Postponed, or Sold Out.

In addition, any users who clicked I’m Interested will get an email reminder the day before the event is set to take place, so they’ll see the status update here as well!

Q: Can I sort by Widget by Trending?

A: Once you’ve generated your Widget URL, you can add &sort=ranking to indicate that the Widget should sort events by the Trending algorithm.