🧐 10 Common Questions: Part 2 🧐

Have you ever wondered what questions other customers are asking? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of the most asked questions below. 

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Q: How many Filters should I have?

A: We’ve found that users lose interest after about 7 Filter items. You should aim to keep these lists digestible so users will actually click your Filters and, as a result, boost your SEO too!

Q: What’s the ideal EventReach score?

A: A healthy EventReach score will fall around or above 70%. 

Q: How often do Feeds import?

A: Feeds import once a day, overnight EST/EDT. So, if you update a Feed during the day, those changes will not be reflected in Localist until the next day.

Q: What is a Widget vs a Widget template?

A: Templates are the various Widget designs from which you can select in the Widget builder. While Widgets are the actual display of your events on another page.

Q: How do Allowed/Excluded Filters work?

A: If an Admin is Allowed to something, then they only have access to that specific Classification. When you Allow someone to a Filter, Group, and/or Department, they only have permission to moderate (approve/reject/add) events within their ‘allowed’ Classifications. 

On the other hand, if an Admin is Excluded from something, then they have access to everything except that specific Classification. When you Exclude someone from a Filter, Group, and/or Department, this prevents them from interacting with anything associated with that Classification.

Q: What are Place and Group Types?

A: If you have sizable directories, Group and Place Types allow users to narrow down these lists to quickly browse the most relevant pages.

Q: How can I prevent mundane events from being on the homepage?

A: You should rely on the Trending algorithm for your default event list because it will automatically filter out mundane events and show your community what others are buzzing about! Another option you have here is to exclude certain Event Types from the event list tabs on your homepage. Similarly, on a per event basis, you can check ‘Exclude from Trending’ in the backend. 

Q: What type of user account can I create in the backend?

A: You can only create Localist (‘local’) user accounts in the backend. You’ll have to create a temporary password for the user—then once they log-in they can change it to something else. If you are using Single-Sign-On or social accounts, users can just log-in to automatically create an account. Passwords for SSO and social accounts, must be changed at the account source.

Q: Is there a duplicate warning for events?

A: There is a duplicate warning in the Admin Event Form! When you type something into the ‘Name’ Field, it will show a duplicate warning directly underneath. You also have the option to click on the warning to view the event(s) in question.

However, please note that there is no duplicate warning on the Public Event Submission Form because users may get confused and abandon adding events to your calendar.

Q: How does the search bar pull events?

A: When you enter something into the search bar, it will return all results (i.e. events, landing pages, users, etc.) based on relevance of the item to the search term.