🤔 10 Common Questions: Part 1 🤔

Have you ever wondered what questions other customers are asking? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of the most asked questions below.

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Q: Who should be an Admin?

A: Anyone you trust to add, edit, and monitor events should be an Admin on your platform. We recommend that you start out with a small group of Admins and add more as your calendar grows. 

Q: How are Filters ordered?

A: Filters are sorted by the number of events within the Default Date Range (Today, This Week, or Next 30 Days) and then alphabetically. Localist sorts Filters by the number of events first, rather than alphabetically, so users will easily be able to find events on your platform.

Q: What should be a Place?

A: A Place can be any location that has an address or is easily recognizable by your community. So, for example, a formally named performing arts center would be a perfect Place in Localist. For other generic buildings or rooms, you can put the location information in the event’s description or room field. 

Q: What’s the difference between Groups & Departments?

A: Groups and Departments are functionally the same, they just live in separate directories within Localist. We see a lot of Localist customers use Groups for student organizations or community clubs. While on the other hand, Departments are usually used for academic or internal departments.

Q: What’s the difference between Featured & Sponsored Events?

A: Featured Events get a spot in the Featured Carousel at the top of your homepage for effortless discoverability. Similarly, Sponsored Events receive a softer endorsement—they will have unique styling to make them pop and get a boost in the Trending algorithm.

Q: Why Trending instead of Upcoming?

A: In today’s digital age, a trending list is industry standard. For example, The New York Times sorts its news by relevance instead of chronologically. So most people will also expect your events to be listed in the same way. What’s more, Trending pushes the most unique and popular events to your homepage for users to easily discover!   

Q: How can we ensure that events have quality photos?

A: Your best bet here would be to create a Photo Library. You can upload as many photos as you’d like, but we recommend that you keep your library small so users won’t be overwhelmed with too many options. Likewise, we suggest that you utilize the Photo Fallback Chain, which will ensure that your events always have a photo.

Q: Who can create Widgets?

A: Any public site visitor can make a Widget—this means that your events can be promoted all over the web! For example, another department within your organization or a community partner can make a Widget of your events for their sites, which will ultimately drive traffic back to your calendar.

Q: How can we create an internal calendar?

A: The first option here would be to create a hidden Channel and give out the URL to a select group of people who will be able to access the calendar. Second, you could make a restricted Widget, which you can then place on an external private web page.

Q: How can you add Localist events to your personal calendar?

A: We encourage you to add events to your personal iCal, Google Cal, or Outlook Calendar so you’ll never miss out on your org’s happenings. You can subscribe to any Filtered pages or Event Details Pages, so make sure to look out for the calendar icons!