INTRO: Widgets

A widget enables administrators and users to embed and display events or series of events on pages separate from the main calendar, such as the organization’s website homepage or other landing pages.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Accessing the Widget Builder
  • Style Options
  • Generating your Widget
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Accessing the Widget Builder

In your admin dashboard, navigate to Content > Widget Builder

By default, every platform has a Share Events box that is displayed under the filter lists on the calendar homepage.

Widget Builder Fields

  • Number of Results: You can enter any number up to 50.
  • Days Ahead:  You can enter any number up to 365.
  • Groups:  The builder allows you to select one group. If you’d like to pull multiple groups’ events you can tack on more groups to the URL (&groups=group_a,group_b). It’s just not currently baked into the actual builder.
  • Keywords and Tags:  Enter all applicable words.
    • Note:  this is only available to admins.
  • Only Show Featured:  When checked, only events flagged as a featured event will be included.
  • Only Show Sponsored:  When checked, only events flagged as a sponsored will be included.
  • Include All Matching Instances:  If checked, the widget will display all recurring instances. If not checked, the widget will only display the first instance in the recurring chain.
  • Places:  Select all that apply.
  • Event Type:  Select all that apply.
  • Department:  Select all that apply.
  • Note:  If you have other filters, they will be listed with a drop down for selection.
  • Match
    • At least one:  If an event matches one of the specified filters + one keyword or tag then it will be included.
    • Any:  If an event matches one of anything specified then it will be included.
    • All:  An event must match all specified parameters.
      • For example, if you select filter: athletics/keyword: widget/place: gym then only events matching all of those will be included.
  • Excluded Content:  Any filters specified in these drop downs will not be included in the widgets. This is helpful in an “all, but one” situation.
  • Hide past events

Display Options

  • Widget Type:  You have the option of a List Widget or a Mini Cal + List Widget.

List Widget (default, not styled):

List + Mini Cal (default, not styled):

The List + Mini Cal Widget provides a drop down of all available event filters to narrow down what events the list displays and the mini cal and “today’s events”/”this week’s events” will change the list results accordingly. The mini calendar extends 12 months. 

Widget Style: Classic (as pictured above) or Modern

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.51.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.49.46 AM

The Card style cannot be paired with the Mini Calendar + List widget type:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.58.12 PM

Hide Descriptions:  Event descriptions will not be shown.

Truncate Descriptions:  Description, location, and event image will be hidden upon page load, but when an event is clicked this information will appear.

Render HTML in Descriptions:  This allows any HTML entered in admin (bold, etc.) to be displayed automatically.

Hide Event Images:  Photos will be completely hidden.

Hide Event Times:  Times will be completely hidden.

Open Links in New Window:  If an event is selected, another window will open.

Generating Your Widget

After you have made all necessary specifications, you will see two options to generate your widget results.

  • Note No saving is required.

The first option, preview, will open your widget results in another tab. The results will be not be styled. On this page you can confirm that the correct events are showing and that the output options are working as expected.

After you have previewed your widget and confirmed that the results are correct, select Generate Embed Code. Selecting this will display the embed code for your widget to be included on your website page.

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