Setting Up Tailgate: IOS

1. Create icons 

Use this template according to the sizes outlined here. If one is not provided, we will use our traditional Tailgate “pin” logo with a background matching your platform’s color scheme.

Note:  Apple recommends not rounding the icons because they automatically apply the rounded corners on their end upon display.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.36.06 AM

2. REQUIRED:  Create a splash screen for the app.

This is the image that appears when the app first loads. It must be 640×960 to support retina displays. Splash screens need to have at least 40px of empty space at the top, as this is where the mobile OS status bar is placed. Sizes required:

  • 640×960 (iPhone 4)
  • 640×1136 (iPhone 5)
  • 750×1334 (iPhone 6)
  • 1242×2208 (iPhone 6+)


3. Customize the app’s interface

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.51.19 AM


Header Color:  ‘#183E63 ‘
Button Color:  ‘#0076FF ‘
Tab Color:  ‘#032250 ‘


Short date:  ‘M/D’
Short date with year:  ‘M/D/YYYY’
Simple date:  ‘MMM D’
Normal date:  ‘MMM D, YYYY’
Long date:  ‘ddd, MMM D’
Short time with minutes:  ‘h:mma’
Short time with hours:  ‘ha’

4. Email above applicable assets and customizations to

If there is a particular event that you would like to feature in the App Store screen shots for your Tailgate app, please include a link to the event in the email with the other assets.

5. Submit this application:

Tailgate Submission Form

Note: The “App Name” cannot be “Calendar” as this is the name of Apple’s built in calendar app.

Receiving Approval from Apple

After we submit the app (after we receiving all necessary items and the form is submitted) to the AppStore, we are at the mercy of Apple for approving and updating information, which can take up to two weeks. With that in mind, treat all information submitted as being 100% correct and set in stone. That being said, you can absolutely make changes to your app after it is initially available, but the same approval process and timeline does still apply. When your app becomes available in the AppStore we will add a badge to your calendar’s homepage underneath the filter list. The badge will be linked to the iTunes preview page.