Sponsored Events

Sponsored events are a unique and subtle way to give an event a prominent spot on your homepage in your trending events list. Here’s how it works:

1. The event will be given a boost in the trending algorithm, which will result in it appearing on any trending list–whether it be a trending list on your homepage or another channel.

2. Unique styling can be specified with Custom CSS so that the event stands out in the list.

 In this article you’ll find:

  • Sponsored Event Facts
  • Custom CSS for Sponsored Events
  • Adding a Sponsored Event
  • Related Articles

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Sponsored Event Facts

  • A Sponsored Event must be occurring in the next 90 days from the current day in order for it to be displayed on the homepage. However, if it occurs farther out the unique styling will still be applied. Once it falls within the 90 day window the trending algorithm will take it into account.
  • Events can only be sponsored by users who have the Feature/Sponsor Events permission level.
  • The order in which Sponsored Events appear on your homepage can only be determined by Localist’s trending algorithm.
  • Once a Sponsored Event is in the past, it will be removed from the homepage, but the sponsored styling will remain.
  • Events can be Featured and Sponsored at the same time.


Background:  .item.sponsored

Title:  .item.sponsored h3.summary a

Location:  .item.sponsored div.location a

I’m Going:  .item.sponsored a.imgoing


In your admin dashboard, navigate to Events > Live to sponsor an existing event or to Events > + Add Event to create a new event.

While in the event’s edit/create form, you will see Sponsored under Settings.

Assigning in a Bulk Upload CSV

If you download a template you will see a column titled Sponsored. In this column, enter 1, y, yes or true to trigger the Sponsored property.