Restricting Content Moderation

Need some background on public submissions? Start with our introductory guide: Pending Queue

Restricting content moderation for a user takes the permission levels one step further by restricting an Event Admin’s permissions to only designated filters. These designations apply to admin functionalities, such as approving events and publishing events without approval, which means an Event Admin can use the public submission form to submit an event to all available filters.

How to Restrict Content Moderation

1. In your admin dashboard, select the users square,navigate via Users > Live or use the user-specific search field.

2. Select a user’s name from the list.

3. Under neath the permission levels, you will see Allowed Filters and Excluded Filters. These drop downs correspond to the filters you have set up via Content > Filters. Parent/Child filters are listed in the drop downs.

4. From the drop downs, select which filters  you want a user to have access to .

  • Allowed: Access to only this filter.
  • Excluded: Access to all, but one.

Note: Selecting a parent will allow the user to access all child filters.

Once a filter(s) is selected, the user will only have access to that filter(s).

When adding, only the selected filters will appear and when moderating they will only be able to see and edit events that have at least one of their allowed filters.

  • Example: If an event has the types of “meeting,” “alumni” and “greek life” the above users will be able to edit the event because it has at least one of their allowed filters: “greek life”
  • When editing an event, a user will be able to remove a filter that is not one of their allowed filters, but they will not be able to add the filter again.

Content Moderation & The Pending Queue

The pending queue will automatically update to show events with a user’s allowed filters or update to show no events if none match their allowed filters.

Similarly, if a user with restricted permissions receives the Pending Digest email then the email will include  all pending events, but when they navigate to the queue they will only see and be able to approve those that match their filtered permissions.

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