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On your Localist platform, there are several potential ways that a user can navigate the calendar to find events.

1. Search Bar

After entering a search term, the platform will display all events, places, and groups that have a match. After selecting “events,” a user can elect to sort the results, which can be found on the right hand side above the normal filter list.

Note:  The the list is sorted by relevance by default.

If a search term is not found in any future events, the user will be prompted to search past events.

2. Mini Cal

Users can navigate to past or future months infinitely to select a specific date. The current month will display dates with events in bold.

3. Filters

Depending on your platform’s “Default Date Range,” users will be shown events matching the filter for today, this week or this month.


4. Group + Place Landing Pages

Every landing page displays the next five upcoming events for a group or place as well as the most recent five past events.

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5. All Events

Depending on your platform’s “Default Date Range,” users will be shown all events for today, this week, or this month.

6. Tags

Unlike filters, tags are free text and are not selected from a pre-determined list so they are not listed anywhere except for on the event landing pages.

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