Public Event Submission Form

Event Form Fields

  • Name (Required): This will be displayed as the event’s name in the main listing and on corresponding details pages.
  • Description (Required): No character limit. Embedding and HTML is available only to admins.
  • Start Date (Required): There are several ways you can enter a date: Oct 3, October 3, 10/3, “Next Friday,” “Tomorrow,” 10/3/14, etc. As you type the date below the field will update accordingly.
  • Start / End Time: Use “6pm,” etc. Events do not require these times, but if there is an end time then there should be a start time.
  • Recurs: By default events are set to never recur, but you have the option of daily, weekly or monthly. See Recurring Events article for more information.
  • Event Place: You can either select to manually enter a place name + address (use:option) or you can select a place landing page, which will automatically pull in the saved address.
    • Use: By selecting this option, you will not be connecting a place landing page and will instead be using a custom location.
      • If Use is not displayed before the name then this means that what is listed is a place landing page and is available for connecting an event.
      • If only text is entered in the field and a use or landing page option is not selected then Localist will save the text as is for the place name.
      • If you select to use a custom option, such as Use: Madison Square as shown above, then fields for Address and Directions will appear.
  • Room: This can be words or numbers.
  • Twitter Hashtag: Only one hashtag can be entered.
  • Event Website: Any website can be entered.
  • Facebook Event Page: This is not displayed publicly and is only used for attendee consolidation.
  • Photo: Hover over the gray square and aEdit Photo button will appear. Upload Photo will pull from your computer and Browse Library will open a small window to browse previously uploaded photos (this pool is not searchable).
  • Filters: Select all that apply.
  • Custom Fields: If you have added custom fields to your platform they will be listed after filters.
  • Ticket Cost: Enter any number with accompanying text, such as $50 door. If the event is free then leave this field blank or enter “free.”
  • Ticket URL: This can be any URL. If a price is entered for ticket cost then this button will display Buy Tickets, but if there is not cost or the event is free then this button will displayRegister.

  • Event Website: This can be any website.

The following items are Admin-only.  In order for general users to use this field effectively on the public submission form they would have to be knowledgable of Localist functions and terminology and our goal is to keep the public submission form as simple and fool-proof as possible.

  • Keywords and Tags: Since these are open text,there would be an excess of different inputs. This is why users are provided with filters to label their event, which decreases confusion and clutter on the calendar.
  • Facebook Event Page
  • Vanity URL
  • Sponsored
  • Allows Reviews
  • Visibility
  • Venue Page Only
  • Exclude from Trending


After adding the event, the user will be taken to the event’s landing page where they can access the form for editing if needed.

They will also receive an email notification with a link to the event and it will be also listed under Pending Submitted Events in their Activity Feed, which is accessed by selecting Me in the user menu.The event will now be in the pending queue.

  • Verify: Once selected, the event will become publicly posted and the user will receive an email notification.
  • X: This will reject the event and you will have the opportunity to send a custom message. The user will receive this as an email notification and the rejecting admin’s email will be set as the from/reply to email so that the user can seek clarification when necessary.

At all times, the Edit Event button will be visible to the user who submitted the event and edit’s can be made at any time. However, if edit’s are saved then the event will become a pending event again and be removed from the public calendar until approved again.