Pro Implementation Phases

Phase 1

Kickoff Prep

This step is completed by your team  before the   kickoff call. It is recommended that these points are outlined while reviewing our support documentation.

  1. Send traffic data for past 12 months for current calendar page to
  2. Complete questionnaire included in your kickoff email.
  3. Explore platform and review documentation.
  4. Discuss timeline and choose a tentative launch date.
  5. Learn what implementation items require action by Localist Support.
  6. Specify Time Zone  in Calendar Settings, if not EST (GMT – 5:00)
  7. Begin to build Bulk Upload Event CSV
  8. Brainstorm

Kickoff Call

Once you’ve reviewed and completed the necessary kickoff prep steps, we will coordinate a kickoff call to go over your questionnaire answers, what you and your team has outlined for the prep items and your initial questions. This time will also be used to discuss best practices and brainstorm how you can maximize Localist’s potential to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Phase 2

Develop Branding

  • Create SILK Wrapper and/or override CSS
  • If applicable: Submit Tailgate application and send assets to

Add Content

Your content must be added in this order:

  1. Filters and Custom Fields
  2. Placeholder Image
  3. If applicable: Place landing pages
  4. If applicable: Group landing pages
  5. Last: Events and bulk uploads

Phase 3

Define Key Pieces