Printing Your Calendar

Your Localist platform can be optimized for a customized printing format by modifying your platform’s custom CSS.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Printing Options
  • Modifying Your Print CSS
  • Printing a Grid-View

Printing Options

There are three formatting possibilities for printing a page on your platform:

  1. Default – print the page as is (left)
  2. Custom – modify your platform’s print CSS (right)
  3. Export – subscribe to a feed and import it into an external service, such as Google Calendar for a grid-view.

Modifying Your Print CSS

To begin, you will need to have the default Localist CSS open for your platform. This can be found here: 

The last section of the style sheet includes the default Localist print styles:

To modify these default print styles you can enter custom print CSS in your custom CSS box:

  1. Navigate via Settings > Appearance
  2. Select Customize next to Colors, Fonts & CSS
  3. Enter @media print { and continue with your custom CSS comments. For example, the right hand column (mini cal/event types/etc)from print would be:

@media print { { display: none; }}

Printing a Grid-View

Navigate to the “All Events” page or select a filter.

On both of these pages you will see a Subscribe to These Results box at the bottom of right hand column. Click the iCal icon as seen here:

When you select the icon a new window will launch.

  • Launch Application – this option will open your primary mail app on your computer
  • Do Nothing -this option will leave the page as is.

Adding to Gmail

1. Open Gmail and navigate to your account’s calendar.

2. Select the tab next to Other Calendars, which is found in the left hand column, then select Add by URL.

3. Copy the URL from the feed page (the empty window where you select Do Nothing or Launch Application )4. After adding, select More > Print