Place & Group Landing Pages Export

This information is only accessible via the API. Exporting in JSON is a far better format than a CSV export as it has the ability to properly and clearly convey items such as the filter hierarchy and multiple instances.

Note:  User information is available as a CSV download as an exception because for security purposes it cannot be publicly accessible and the information is considerably limited compared to event data.

Using the API to Export Events:

1. Build an API call.

  • Places:  http://your.custom.domain/api/2/places?pp=100&page=1
  • Groups:  http:/your.custom.domain/api/2/groups?pp=100&page=1
  • This will pull 100 results per page so to access the next 100 you will need to change the 1 in page=1 to 2, etc.

2. Enter the API call in your search bar and you will see the data populate.
3. Open in another tab.
4. Copy and paste all data that is on the API results page and paste that information in the first box on
5. Once pasted, the information will be added to the second box in a table format.
6. Select Download the entire CSV and in this CSV you will have all available data for the first 100 events.