Outlook Export

Where to find Outlook exports

1. Filtered Results: All Localist platform has a built-in subscription box on every  filtered  results page (this is not available on the homepage). It is located to the right of the event listings and underneath the filters.

2. Per-event basis

3. My Plans: A user can subscribe to only events that they’ve RSVP’d to via the I’m Going button.

4. Group or Place Landing Pages: When on the landing page, select View Full Calendar… then use the subscribe box displayed under the filters on the right side.

Data Format

All Localist iCal feeds are valid and adhere to the iCalendar standard. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar for more info.

Data Included

Subscribed feeds cover 13 months: from 1 month ago to 1 year from now.


The first 1,000 events in that date range. For example, if there are 1,000 events in the first 6 months then the feed’s initial pull will only cover that date range.

  • Title
  • Date
  • Start and end time
  • Description
  • Localist
  • Room Number

Subscribing to an Outlook Feed

There are some limitations placed on Outlook’s end that force exports to behave differently than iCal or RSS exports:

  1. Outlook doesn’t allow subscribing to an ICS file with multiple events, such as a the filter results. Events will be added, but they will not be connected so the events won’t update to reflect future changes. If you copy the link to the ICS file and manually subscribe to it in Outlook then the events will be added and updated accordingly.
  2. Windows Outlook handles importing an ICS file with one event in the ICS adds a single event to a calendar, but multiple events in the ICS as a new calendar. The ICS we generate for a single event always contains all instances of the event so it’s up to the calendar program how it’s imported.