Newsletter Recipients

By default, newsletters send to  all users who are registered in Localist. However, you can upload your own list of recipients to send newsletters to specific target audiences.

Adding Custom Newsletter Recipients

1. In your admin dashboard, navigate to Content > Newsletters

2. Select +Add Newsletter or select an existing newsletter.

3. If you are editing an existing newsletter then you will see a Recipients section to the right of the edit form. If you are creating a new newsletter then you will need to build your content and save changes before this will appear.

4. Select Change Recipients

5. To add recipients, you can either search by users in the system individually by entering a name in the search bar and selecting from the drop down or you can upload your own list by clicking +Add Recipients.

6. Overwrite List:  If the newsletter already has an existing list of custom recipients or if you are to modify the initial list in the future, checking Overwrite List will remove the existing email addresses and replace them with the emails you are adding. If you do not check Overwrite List then the new emails will just be added to the list of existing emails.

7. Adding Emails

  • Email Addresses:  You can enter email address, user name on each line or you can just list email addresses on their own line.
  • Upload CSV:  Your file should be structured with one email and one name per line. After building your spreadsheet you will need to export the file as a CSV.

Note:  there is a limit of 4,000 emails per newsletter and not per upload.