User Accounts: My Plans & Profile

My Plans

After a user has logged in the will see Me and My Plans appear the top of the calendar homepage, to the left of the search bar.

Selecting My Plans will display a list of all events that a user has used the “I’m Going” button to RSVP to. The user will receive a reminder notification the day before and a prompt to review the day after the events listed on this page.

Me: Profile Overview

Hovering over Me will display a drop down with links to various pieces of a user’s profile and account.

My Profile: Shows a complete overview of upcoming plans, activity and number of follows.

Messages: If a user has corresponded with another Localist user, this is where the messages will be displayed.

Reviews: All events that were RSVP’d to via the I’m Going button will be listed here to be reviewed at any time once they have passed.

Friends & Places: This page lists all “friends” added on the Localist platform and places that the user follows.

My Groups: This page lists all groups a user follows.

Photos: This page displays all photos added by a user.

Settings: Notification and privacy preferences.