Release Notes (5/3/2017): Photo Features & Updates


Photo Uploading

Users now have the option to upload a unique photo or select one from the Photo Library.

When uploading a unique photo, the photo focus tool will appear once one is uploaded or dropped within the dashed photo space.

The focus tool has been updated from rectangular (4:3) to square. For platforms displaying rectangular or circular photos, users need to only focus on the center of the photo.

Photo Library

This new feature enables you to curate photos for your admins and users to select from directly within the event submission form.

Recent Items: Once an admin or user uploads a unique photo or selects a library photo, it will be displayed in their Recent Items section. This section will show up to 5 photos from the past 30 days at a time.

  • Only Platform Admins can contribute to the Photo Library.
  • The Photo Library can hold unlimited photos.
  • All admins and all users have access to selecting all from the Photo Library.

View the “how-to” here:

Photo Overrides in Feeds

You can now select a photo to be applied to all events from a specific feed as they import into Localist. For example, applying a photo of a mascot to an athletics feed.

  • One photo can be applied per-feed.
  • The photo will be applied to all events in the feed.
  • The automatic photo will replace any photos already present in the feed.

Automatic Photo: Event Types

You can now assign a photo to an Event Type for its events to inherit if they do not have a unique photo. For example, assigning a generic happy hour photo to the corresponding Event Type.

  • Automatic Photos can only be assigned to Event Type filters.
  • If an event is assigned to multiple Event Types, then the oldest Event Type’s photo will take precedent.