When You’ll Need Localist Support

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Localist Implementation Actions

The following are additions, updates, and actions that can only be made on the Localist end. These are only made by request and/or through coordination with your team. All requests should be sent to support@localist.com. If not listed, the action is taken by you and your team. Such actions include, but are not limited to, developing theming/wrapper/CSS, adding feeds/events/groups/places, developing newsletters, creating and customizing widgets.

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1. Single-sign On (SSO)

  • Localist will disable Localist and/or Facebook login per your request.
  • Localist will implement external SSO methods (CAS, Shibboleth/SAML, LDAP/Active Directory) once required data is received.

2. SSL

  • Localist will provide a Certificate Signing Request for your custom domain. Once signed and sent back, Localist will implement SSL.

3. Custom Domain

  • Once you have secured a custom domain, entered it in DNS, set it as a CNAME record and saved it in your Calendar Settings, Localist will finalize the configuration after being notified that the previous steps have been completed.

4. Feeds

  • EMS:  This can only be configured and managed by Localist.
  • SeatGeek:  This can only be configured and managed by Localist.

Note:  All feeds are imported by Localist once every 24-hours on an over night schedule.

5. Tailgate

Once you have submitted the App Store application and sent your assets to support, Localist will submit everything to Apple. Once approved, Localist will add an App Store download badge to your platform.

6. Communities

After a list of community names + matching timezones has been received, Localist will add these to your platform.

7. Department Landing Pages

Localist will enable this feature at the customer’s request.

8. Language Changes

Localist can change most of the default language on the platform upon request. Changes include:

  • Vocab:  All Events, Groups, Places to Go, Submit an Event, I’m Interested, People Interested, Buy Tickets, and Register
  • Date + Time format:  capitalize am/pm (AM/PM vs am/pm), add a space after the time (8 pm vs. 8pm), add/remove zeros at the top of the hour (8:00 vs 8), and lengthen/shorted the date format (Sept 1 vs September 1 vs 9/1)

Note:  Localist language changes do not include:  Filters, Custom Fields, or Homepage tabs.

9. User Notifications (Exception:  These are done automatically if triggered by a user’s actions)

See a complete list here:  http://support.localist.com/article/451-automatic-notifications

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