Landing Pages vs. Channels

In this article you’ll find:

  • When to Use Channels
  • When Not to Use Channels

Background:  In order to give context to a group of events, it makes sense to give those events a dedicated page for users to land on. This might lead you toward Localist’s Landing Pages (Groups, Places and Departments). These do a great job when it comes to showcasing event hosts and their events, while contributing to your platform’s overall taxonomy. This means that while these should always be your default option–after all Channels don’t contribute to your platform’s taxonomy–there are a few occasions where it may make sense to build a Channel for instead of/in addition to your landing pages.

When to Use Channels

Display a custom layout
If you want a page that showcases your events while providing more than just the default Landing Page options, you can add these extra elements if you create a channel. These extra elements can include filtered Featured Carousels, HTML elements, flipped displays, mini calendars, and more.

Ex. A branch library location homepage with its own featured carousel

Umbrella pages with several event lists

For example, a College within a University might want to collect the events for all its departments on one page. So long as these departments are set up as their own individual landing pages, a Channel can curate event lists for each department.

Ex. An athletics page with lists of events for each sport

Short-term event series

Does it feel strange to create a Group landing page for an annual festival when it only shows events for one week a year? If so, you can always create a Channel instead based on a Tag. The Channel allows you to add the context your users crave using an HTML element and you can then easily turn this Channel’s visibility to hidden once the series ends.

Ex. Fall Festival, Alumni Weekend, NaNoWriMo

Sub-calendars with their own taxonomy

Sometimes a stakeholder within your organization wants a little more than just a single page. By setting up a series of interconnected Channels, you can give them a whole “calendar within the calendar” instead. Not sure how to set this up? We have a whole guide on this topic and you can read it here.

Ex. The College of Arts and sciences with links to all its departments.

When NOT to Use Channels

When you need to build a widget

Since Channels do not contribute to your calendar’s taxonomy, you cannot build widgets around a Channel. That being said, if you have already built a Channel around a particular Tag, Keyword, Landing Page, or Filter, you can go ahead and use that same classification to build a widget.

To trigger fallback images

At this time, the photo fallback chain only applies to Landing pages. As a result, you must create a Landing Page in order to add a fallback image to the chain.