INTRO: Tailgate

How does it work?

Tailgate is 100% white labeled and will inherit your brand seamlessly. Tailgate will also be featured in the Apple AppStore as a standalone app with a name of your choosing and an icon that has been completely branded. Since Tailgate is built on Localist’s API, nothing needs to be done to administer your Tailgate platform separately from Localist! We’re pulling in the same content, place and user data; Tailgate is just a different presentation of the same content. That said, we do need a few up-front steps to be performed before we can load your Tailgate app in the App Store.

Tailgate Features

Based on feedback from users and administrators across dozens of organizations, we designed Tailgate to focus on the features a typical user would want in a calendar app when they’re on the go, including:

  • Login with Facebook
  • Browse for events near your current location
  • “Check in” to events
  • Read comments and reviews
  • See who’s going