INTRO: Photos

Where are photos displayed?

Photos are displayed alongside the event, group, or place listing and on their respective details pages.

Main Event Listing:

Event Details Page:

When clicked:

Adding Photos

There are three ways to upload photos:

1. Individually

  • In your admin dashboard, navigate via Content > Photo Library.

  • Click+Add Photo.

  • Upload your picture.

2. Upon creating an event, group or place

  • In your admin dashboard, navigate to Events, Group, or Place > +Add or Live

  • The upload process on the event, group, and place create/edit form is the same. Hover your mouse over the gray star and a blue button with Edit Photo will appear. Click this button and you will be given two options, Upload Photo, which will prompt you to upload a photo from your computer or Browse Library, which will allow you to browse the pool of existing photos.

3. Via a CSV Upload

  • In your admin dashboard, navigate to Events, Places, or Group > +Bulk Add

  • While on the +Bulk Add page, select “Bulk Event/Place/GroupCSV”

  • This will download a spreadsheet with pre-populated headers including a column titled Photo URL. The photo will need to be hosted on your servers or on an external website, such as Flickr.
  • After you have completed your spreadsheet, export the document as a CSV and upload.