BEST PRACTICE: I’m Interested & Ticketing/Registering

Need some background on “I’m Interested”? Start with our introductory guide:  User Interactions

During the implementation process a decision that admins tend to debate is how they should handle the “I’m Interested” button for events that require official ticketing or registration – isn’t that confusing?

Our answer is simple:  the benefits of the “I’m Interested” button vastly outweigh any potential confusion.

We say  potential because in our years of experience, users just “get it” when it comes to how the two buttons function together and no real confusion has ever come to fruition. Further, out of all the events posted across all platforms, events requiring tickets are by far the edge case.

The benefits of having the “I’m Interested” functionality as a compliment to your ticketing service include:

Gauge interest. If a user is interested, or intends to attend an event, then they can use the “I’m Interested” button to add the event to their personal calendar, which also adds them to the list of “People Interested.” Whether they have purchased a ticket or not, this interest is an integral piece in showing your community what events are popular with a literal display of people and by adding factors to Localist’s trending algorithm. This can also be used for marketing analysis – how does the amount of interest compare to the number of tickets actually bought/number of attendees?

Remind your users. If a user selects “I’m Interested”, they will automatically receive a reminder about an event. If a user elects not to continue with official registration or purchasing a ticket after selecting “I’m Interested”, then the reminder can prompt them to take the next step. This is similar to how users on Facebook can say that they are “attending” an event, but that does not necessarily mean they have already registered or bought a ticket.

Request a review. Like the reminders, a user will automatically receive a prompt to review the event the day after the event occurs. This can provide your organization with invaluable feedback and data that you wouldn’t necessarily received had the user only used your ticketing service.

Display Tweaks

If you think there needs to be some visual differentiation, here’s some tips you can apply:

1. Use a contrasting color : By default, the Buy Tickets/Register buttons are brightly colored. If the CSS files your wrapper references override this you can used Localist’s Custom CSS to apply a color again. In your Custom CSS (Settings > Appearance > Customize) enter the following rules in your Custom CSS box:

  • #x-confirm-buttons-wrapper .ticket_action a {background-color: green; }
  • #x-confirm-buttons-wrapper .ticket_action a {border-color: green; }

2. Include a disclaimer in the event’s description.
3. Rename the buttons to “Registration Required Here” or “Officially Register Here”, etc:  At this time, this change must be done on Localist’s end so please send a message to

Complete Functionality Breakdown

I’m Interested

  • When selected, the event will be added to the user’s personal Localist calendar:  My Plans. If it is a recurring event, the user will be prompted to select all dates or specific instances.
  • The user will be added to the “People Interested” box and will be listed on the Attendee roster found on the event’s edit page in admin as RSVP’ing through Localist.
  • Reminder:  The day before the event, users who selected “I’m Interested” will automatically receive an email reminder about the event.
  • Review:  The day after the event, users who selected “I’m Interested” will automatically receive an email prompting them to review the event.
  • After selecting “I’m Interested” button, the event details page will display a bar at the top marking the event as one that the user has added to their calendar. To remove the event, the user only needs to select change dates (recurring event) or cancel plans (non-recurring event).

Buy Tickets/Register

When an event is created, there are two fields that affect these buttons:

1. Ticket URL:  If a URL is entered then a “Buy Tickets” or “Register” button will appear.

2. Ticket Cost:  If this is left blank or “Free” is entered, then the button will display “Register”. If anything besides “Free” is entered, such as “$40” or “BOGO $25”, then the button will display “Buy Tickets”.

If a user selects the “I’m Interested” button when a “Buy Tickets” or “Register” button is present, they will be prompted to continue to the respective ticket or registration pages (This text is customizable).

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