BEST PRACTICE: Why You Shouldn’t Use an iFrame Embed

Technically anything on the web can be embedded in an iframe; it’s just a web page with another web page embedded in it. That said, embedding a Localist calendar in an iframe is strongly discouraged for many reasons we feel are show-stoppers.

We designed widgets and our API, to offer all the flexibility of branding and design specifically to eliminate any desire, or need, to use an iframe.

So what are the drawbacks of iFrames?

  1. Any links to the calendar become disconnected. It will display acceptably if you’re viewing the page the calendar iframe is embedded on, but if you wanted to link to a specific calendar page individually, the resulting page would not include anything outside the iframe.
  2. Not a very elegant look and feel. The calendar header and navigation will appear inside your already-existing header and navigation.
  3. iFrames have a fixed size, and can’t be sized to the content being displayed, which would cause a mini-scrollbar to appear on the page the iframe is embedded on if the content goes outside those bounds.

Each of these issues lead to a poor, disconnected experience for the audience. Again, Localist’s widgets and API are available to offer the same functionality in a presentation that enhances the experience rather than detracting from it.