INTRO: Theme Editor (HTML)

You can use Localist’s Theme Editor to access your platform’s HTML to customize how your event data is presented.

Template language: Liquid (

  • Note: full documentation for support variables is forthcoming.

In this article you will find:

  • Accessing the Theme Editor
  • Actions
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Accessing the Theme Editor

1. In your admin dashboard, navigate via Settings > Appearance

2. Select +Add Theme

3. On the +Add Theme page you will be prompted to enter a name for the theme, and which existing theme the new theme will inherit.

4. After saving, you will be taken back to the Appearance landing page where your new theme will be listed with an Activate button. The theme will not be live until you select Activate. After activating, the theme will be listed as Active.

5. Select the theme  name to begin editing.


Preview: This will open a new window and allow you to preview the edited theme without having to activate it.

Activate: This will tell Localist to make the theme you’re editing live, replacing the previously active theme.

Delete: This will remove the entire theme.

View List

When modifying a file, your changes must be saved before you navigate to another file in order for your changes to stick.

If you select another file before saving your changes, you will receive a warning prompt that the file contains unsaved changes.After saving a file, it will be blue bold + gray bar in the file list.

Note: If you are using a SILK Wrapper, then changes made to the Global Site Shell file will not be applied. After you have saved your changes in a file, a Reset to Default link will appear next to the Save Changes button. Selecting this will remove all changes you’ve made to the specific file.

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Example change in the User Comment List: Reviews


*****Modifying a file will cut it off from receiving any future Localist updates. If a file has not been modified, then it will continue to receive updates. If you had a modified file, but select Reset to Default then the file will receive any necessary updates. To ensure that you receive as many updates as possible, we recommend making any possible stylesheet changes outside of the Theme Editor.*****

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