Homepage Filter List Display

How Localist Determines What (#) is Displayed Next to Filters

The number that is displayed in parenthesis next to filters corresponds directly to your platform’s Default Date Range, which is specified in your Global Options.

The Default Date Range dictates the time range and amount of events that will be displayed upon selecting a filter so the number on the homepage will always reflect this.

Example Breakdown:

  • 50 “Athletics” events overall
  • 25 this month
  • 10 this week
  • 2 today

If your Default Date Range is set to this month  the homepage will display (25), if it is set to this week  the homepage will display (10) and if it is set to today the homepage will display (2). After clicking a filter, if a user selects a different “view by” option than what is shown by default then the filter list on the results page will update accordingly.

For example, if the default is this week  with (10) events and a user selects month then the list will show the 25 “Athletics” events for the month and the filter count on the right hand side will also update to match.

Note: This presentation is the result of us trying several presentation methods, including keeping the number the same no matter what view/page you are on. Far and away, the way it works now (the number displayed = the number of events you will see when clicked) is the best solution. It is far more confusing for users to display that there are 50 “athletics” events on the homepage, but then have only a fraction of that number show when they click the filter. Since users are unaware of the overall number of events per filter, seeing (25) displayed on the homepage and seeing 25 events listed after clicking will not be confusing even if there are more events posted further down the road.

Changing Your Default Date Range

1. In your admin dashboard, navigate to Settings > Global options

2. On this page, you will see Default Date Range listed under Preferences.

Ordering of Filters

Filters are sorted by the number of events then alphabetically when the count is the same to ensure that users are shown the most popular/prolific event types first instead.It is not possible to change the list to be 100% alphabetic. Sorting the entire list alphabetically would cause filters with the highest count to possibly be hidden under show more while other filters without any upcoming events would get a prime spot. Here is a list of filters sorted by the default of # of events then alphabetically:

Fitness and Recreation (29)

Athletics (16)

Information Session (10)

Fair (3)

Academic Calendar (2)

Entertainment (1)

» Exhibit (0)

» Movie (0)

» Performance (0)

» Reading (0)

Show More ↓


For comparison, here is how they would be sorted 100% alphabetically. Note how “Fitness and Recreation,” which has the highest amount of upcoming events would be hidden below “show more” and there are now six filters with zero events listed at the top.

Academic Calendar (2)

Admissions (0)

Athletics (16)

Celebration (0)

Ceremony (0)

Community Service (0)

Conference (0)

Discussion/Debate (0)

Entertainment (1)

Fair (3)