Group Management

The following admins can manage group landing pages:

  1. Platform Admins who are also “Group Admins”
  2. Event Admins who are also “Group Admins”
  3. Group Admin-only users

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Note:  If you are using department landing pages in addition to groups, they are managed using these same steps, but via the links listed under the Departments drop down.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Managing Live Groups
  • Managing Group Officers
  • Approving Group Follow Requests

Managing Live Groups

Navigate via Groups > All

On this page you will be able to:

  1. Search Groups:  By group name
  2. Edit a Group:  Select the group’s name from the list.
  3. Remove a Group:  Select the red x next to a group’s name.
  4. Add a New Group Officer:  Browse by name + select user + specify a group + add officer.
  5. Add a Group: Select the blue +Add Group Button

Managing Group Officers

This is a Localist permission level. It is not an administrator permission, but allows the user to:

  • Use the public event submission form to add events related to that Group
  • Edit the Group description
  • Send messages to Group members
  • Approve membership requests.

This is all done from the public-facing interface.”Group Officers” can also be added in the individual create/edit form for a group. You will see a similar space to the right of the form for adding a group officer.

To view a complete list of all officers and their respective groups, navigate to Groups > Officers

Approving Group Follow Requests

“Platform Admins,” “Event Admins” (+ Group Admin) and “Group Admins” can manage follow requests in the admin dashboard by navigating to Groups > Follow Requests

This page displays a list of all pending requests and can be filtered per group by using the drop down.

  • Reject:  This user will not be allowed to follow the group.
  • Verify as Officer:  This user will be allowed to follow the group and will be a officer for the group.
  • Verify:  This user will be allowed to follow the group.