Glossary of Terms

Since the same word can be used in a myriad of ways, we compiled a glossary of terms as Localist defines and uses them throughout our platform and Knowledge Base articles. We tried to keep it short and sweet. Want to know more? Click on the term and it will take you to the Knowledge Base article for more information.

Admin Dashboard The page where the admins can make changes to the platform and review events. Synonyms: the “back end”
Allow User Activity Allows comments, reviews, and user-added photos; checked by default.
Allow User Attendance Allows “I’m Interested” and “Invite Friends” functionalities; checked by default.
API Application Programming Interface (API); a way Localist exports raw event data for custom tools created by the customer.
Attendee Report A list of all users who selected “I’m Interested” on Localist, Facebook, or bought tickets/registered through Eventbrite.
Automatic Photo The photo an event takes following the Photo Fallback Chain if a unique photo is not uploaded or assigned.
Bug An issue or problem resolved by a code deploy from Localist. Synonyms: error, problem, issue, 404
Bulk Upload Uploading multiple data point at once using a CSV or XLS spread sheet; available for users, events, groups, and places.
Calendar Homepage The main page of an organization’s calendar. Synonyms: the “front end”
Channel  Page that feature events based on specific parameters.
Channel Admin Overall administrator of Channels on the platform.
Container CSS Classes A unique CSS modification for only a specific Channel with the rest of the site untouched.
CSV Feed  The best type of feed for importing calendar, user, or group data into Localist.
Custom CSS  Allows changes to surface-level design elements, like colors, fonts, and sizes.
Custom Domain Unique URL for your Localist calendar match the rest of your site.
Custom Event Rejection Message sent by Admin to the event submitter explaining why the event was rejected.
Custom Field Any field you have added to the event submission form that is not standard. Synonyms: unique field
Custom Guidelines Guidelines highlighted in Custom Resources Box that inform the users submitting events. Synonyms: special instructions
Custom Resources Box A box on the calendar homepage or event submission form that holds information and is added using the Theme Editor.
Department Landing Page A box on the calendar homepage or event submission form that holds information and is added using the Theme Editor.
Event Admin Can approve events in the Pending Queue and can add events to the platform.
Event Landing Page A dedicated page for an event that allows for a description, photo, map, I’m Interested, newsfeed, and additional information. Synonyms: event page, event listing
Event Submission Form The form where users or admins input event details to submit or create an event on the platform. Synonyms: approval form, public form
Eventbrite ID The unique number at the end of Eventbrite’s listing URL used for importing events.
EventReach A metric to measure the expected audience awareness, or the “reach” of an event. Synonyms: audience awareness
EventScore Localist’s algorithm to determine the most popular and interesting events to put in Trending by analyzing dozens of factors.
Exclude from Trending Prevents an event from appearing in the Trending list.
External ID A number assigned to an event that is used in importing from feeds. Synonyms: event number
Featured Events Events selected by Admins to receive a prime spot on the calendar in the Featured Events carousel.
Featured Events Carousel The box at the top of the page that slides through up to 10 featured events in upcoming order. Synonyms: featured box, featured banner
Feeds A way to pull external event content into Localist for centralized management.
Filters Classification tool to divide and assign events to various categories.
Group Admin Overall administrator of Groups on the platform.
Group Landing Page A dedicated page for a group that allows for a description, photo, map, events associated, newsfeed, and additional information. Synonyms: group page
Group Officer The user can edit the Group description on the group landing page, approve Group members, and send messages to Group.
Hidden Events that are only viewable to users with the URL.
I’m Interested A button for users to express interest in and receive information about an event. Synonyms: I’m Going
ICS/iCal Feed A type of feed that is designed for sharing calendar data; preferable over as RSS feed for Localist.
Implementation Guide The guide sent by the Localist team to help you set up and maintain your platform. Synonyms: on-boarding guide
Keyword Hidden tags that are only used for internal purposes; great for SEO, common misspellings, and widget filtering. Synonyms: hidden tags
Knowledge Base A series of articles that Localist writes to help users and admins better navigate the platform. A great go-to for usage questions. Synonyms: help section
Live Events Events that are on the calendar that have not happened yet.
Localist Calendar for Drupal The module that allows Localist data to be displayed on your Drupal account.
Mini Cal The 30 day calendar visible to help users view events for a specific date.
Owner The user that submitted the event.
Past Events Archived events that have already passed.
Pending Digest Daily email to admins about events awaiting approval in the Pending Queue. Synonyms: awaiting approval
Pending Queue Where events submitted by non-admins or trusted users await approval. Synonyms: approval queue, approval page
Pending Submitted Events The events found in the Pending Queue awaiting approval. Synonyms: events-in-limbo, unapproved events
Photo Fallback Chain The process that ensures each event has a photo that is a relevant as possible. Synonyms: automatic photo, inherited photo
Photo Library A collection of pre-selected photos for users to choose from when submitting an event.
Place Landing Page A dedicated page for a place that allows for a description, photo, map, events associated, newsfeed, and additional information. Synonyms: place page, venue page
Platform Admin Overall administrator of the platform. Synonyms: overall admin, super editor
Production Platform The live platform that will makes changes in real time to your site.
Public Help Page A page created by an admin to help their users navigate their specific platform from a blank theme file.
Recurring Events that repeat on a regular basis or have multiple opportunities in a short time. Synonyms: repeating
RSS Feed A type of feed for importing calendar data that adheres to the Calendar standard; least preferable for Localist.
SILK Wrapper Allows Localist to apply the same header, footer, and styles to every calendar page.
Social Activity This report lists all social media activity on the calendar and the popularity of each service. Synonyms: shares
Sponsored Events Events that have received a boost by an Admin, which can display different formatting, if selected. Synonyms: boosted events
Staging Environment A parallel platform that allows admin to test and experiment with changes without impacting the live platform. Synonyms: sandbox, trial, test platform
Subcalendar A smaller calendar within the greater Localist calendar created by using Channels.
Tag Free text labels to assign to events in a temporary or ultra-specific category.
Tailgate The mobile app supporting a Localist calendar. Synonyms: app, mobile, iOS, android
Theme Editor A way to access the platform’s HTML to customize how event data is presented.
Theme File A file including the basic layout of a page that is customizable to include any type of content.
Trending An algorithm that sorts events according to EventScore which factors in the uniqueness of event and popularity among users. Synonyms: popular
Trusted User A non-administrator permission, but allows user to skip the pending queue when submitting events through the public submission form.
Upcoming Events are sorted chronologically. Synonyms: chronological view, up next, soonest
User Any person interacting with a Localist calendar. Admins, registered users, and people browsing the calendar without an account all qualify as users.
User Dashboard A page for the user to see a feed of all the events they are interested in, as well as their activity on the platform.
Vanity URL A URL customizable for your event.
Venue/Place Page Only The event will only appear on the place’s landing page.
Verify The button to approve an event in the Pending Queue. Synonyms: approve, accept
Visibility How many many users can see an event depending on permission levels.
Visible Events displayed on the calendar to anyone who visit the calendar. Synonyms: public
Visible Only When Logged In Events displayed on the calendar only to users who have logged in through SSO, Facebook, or a Localist account.
Widget  Enables admins or users to embed and display a series of events on pages other than the main calendar.
Widget Builder The tool on the Admin Dashboard that allows a users to create a Localist widget for use on an external site or platform.
Widget Only The event will only appear in the applicable widgets and not directly on the platform.
Widget Templates The different ways to display a Localist widget on an external site or platform.