FAQ: Widgets

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Q:  How can I remove the “Powered by Localist” mention in the widget?

A:  After you have built your widget, select “generate embed code.” The code will look like this:

<script type=”text/javascript”
src=”http://calendar.clemson.edu/widget/view?schools=clemson&days=31&num=50″></script><div id=”lclst_widget_footer”><a rel=”nofollow” style=”margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;display:block;width:81px;margin-top:10px;” title=”Widget powered by Localist Online Calendar Software” href=”http://www.localist.com?utm_source=widget&utm_campaign=widget_footer&utm_medium=branded%20link”><img src=”//d3e1o4bcbhmj8g.cloudfront.net/assets/platforms/default/about/widget_footer.png” alt=”Localist Online Calendar Software” style=”vertical-align: middle;” width=”81″ height=”23″></a></div>

Remove the bolded code.

Q:  How can I hide an event from the main calendar, but still have it available in a widget?

A:  When creating the event, do not select a place landing page for the location. Instead, manually enter the name of the place and enter the address if necessary. Then check off venue page only. This combination will prevent the event from being listed on the place landing page, but still visible via widgets.

Q:  How do I show past events in a widget?

A:  Set the “start” parameter to 01-01-2014 and set the number of days = 365. This will enable the widget to include past events as well as future event listings.

Q:  Can I exclude events that don’t have an event type from the widget?

A:  No, in order to exclude classes from being included they will need a specific event type that is marked as “excluded” using that parameter for the widget.

Q:  Is it possible to create a mini cal-only widget so that when a date is selected the user is taken to the main calendar page for that day?

A:  This is not possible as the mini cal is built as a navigation tool specifically for the widget so the links can only connect to a list of corresponding events for each day on that page. However, if an event title is selected then a user will be taken to the event’s details page on the main calendar.

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