FAQ: Newsletters

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Q:  Can we use a listserv?

A:  Yes! Just set the listserv address as a custom recipient.

Q:  Who can create newsletters?

A:  Only users with Platform Admin privilege can access, create, and send newsletters from the admin dashboard.

Q:  Why can’t event admins create newsletters?

A:  The newsletter builder is only accessible to platform admins for several reasons:

  • An overwhelming majority of our customers have requested that not only should event admins remain limited in their capabilities on the platform, but that the permission level should be even more restrictive.
  • Most importantly, since newsletters can be sent to all users, which for most platforms is thousands, then only the most trusted users should have access. Allowing newsletters to made made by more than just key managers also opens the risk of over saturating users’ inboxes with emails. This is the same reason why event admins cannot access the users list in admin.
  • In the same vein, sending newsletters goes beyond the scope of event management (adding & editing items), which is the primary function of an event admin, and crosses into communications and marketing. In our experience, the bottom line is that if a user can be trusted enough to create and send newsletters on the organization’s behalf then they can also be trusted to not change calendar settings. With that being said, nothing in Localist can be done anonymously.

Q:  Why are there pre-selected times to send newsletters?

A:  7AM, 8AM, 9AM, 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM have been pre-selected for your choosing as they are the times that have shown the highest amount of traffic for newsletters.

Q:  How do users subscribe to a particular newsletter?

A:  It’s either all or nothing. The reason behind this is many newsletters can be added or removed at any time by editors, and custom recipients can be defined on a per-newsletter basis. Allowing the user to pick and choose which newsletters they see would require them to continually check their settings to see if new newsletters have been added, and if a Custom Recipients list is defined for a newsletter, they’d never get it, even if it were in their list.

Q:  Why does a newsletter have to be rechecked as “Active” after each send? Can that be changed for our platform?

A:  Changing the activation on a newsletter is not a per-platform setting and it’s something we have to go with the consensus on, which is it deactivating after every send. This is pretty standard for any newsletter platforms out there, like MailChimp. This ensures that newsletters aren’t sent automatically when they are intended to not be sent.

Q:  How is newsletter traffic separated from other traffic?

A:  In Google Analytics, Localist marks any traffic coming to the main site, such as newsletters and widgets. For specifics you’ll see traffic appearing as a different “utm_source.”

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