FAQ: Landing Pages

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Q:  Can landing pages be styled differently?

A:  Each Localist license includes only one brand so landing pages will be styled just like any other results page on the calendar.

Q:  How should admins communicate place closings?

A:  Some organizations have created event listings for closings. If it is a major closing that will have a wide effect, such as the campus library being closed, then it would make sense to leave it as a regular listing. However, if it is a smaller closing or modified hours instance then we suggest checking off “venue page only” on the event as to reduce clutter on the main calendar. Since hours of operation or specific notes can be places on the place landing pages, event + closing listings should only be used in isolated or extraordinary cases.

Q:  Does Localist reserve rooms?

A:  For all intents and purposes, Localist does not serve as room reservation software.

Q:  Should place landing pages be made for a room?

A:  We recommend only making place landing pages for entire buildings that have an established address. If an event is happening in a room with a title, the room field accepts any text.

Q:  Is there a form for users to fill out in order to request that a group be made?

A:  There is no public facing group submission form because this goes beyond the scope of what Localist is designed for–an events management system and not a group management system. We suggest including a “contact” link in your wrapper for users to submit such requests or questions.

Q:  Can group members be added in bulk?

A:  No, as this also goes beyond the scope of event management. Further, “following a group” does not equate to membership as this function only adds the group’s events to the user’s Localist calendar.

Q:  Can groups be marked as non-active?

A:  Groups can only be active or deleted.

Q:  Can events be marked to only be displayed for group members?

A:  You can select “venue page only” visibility, which means that the event will only appear on the group’s landing page and the place landing pages and not broadcasted to all users unless they actively seek information from either landing page.

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