FAQ: Event Classification

New to Localist’s categorical tools? Start with our introductory guide: INTRO: Event Classification

Q:  How many filters can we create?

A:  While there is technically no limit to how many filters you can create, it is extremely important that you do not get too specific when defining filters. For example, having event types like “meeting”, “colloquium”, “conference”, and “assembly” can cause a disconnect between your users and the platform because they may not take the time to check each filter or when submitting an event they may not know exactly which filter their event belongs under.

Q:  Why aren’t there longer options for the “All Events Default View,” such as 3-6 months or a year?

A:  The longest view available is a month because longer time ranges would pull an overwhelmingly long list that users do not want. Requesting three months to a year of data would also negatively impact the performance of the calendar. Additionally, traffic is highly concentrated in the current month. For example, the mini calendar sees a significant drop in traffic for the next month and after that there is barely any activity for 1+ months away for the current month.

Q:  Can users filter by time?

A:  This functionality is not provided by Localist, but you can always set up filters for “evening” or “weekend.” However, we strongly recommend that these are kept to a minimum to avoid user confusion and overlooked content. For example, “evening”, “afternoon”, “midday”, etc. can have overlaps depending on the user.

Q:  Is is possible to apply a fallback image to a filter category?

A:  This is not possible as many events have multiple filters, so Localist cannot tell which filter image would be used. Instead, you can give a particular group or series of events a fallback image (not to mention a description) by replacing its filter with a group or department landing page.

Q:  How can a user view two filters at once that are from different filter groups, such as general public (target audience) + arts & culture (event type)

A:  After a user has selected an initial event type, if they select a filter from another category while on the event type’s results page then the filters will be combined upon page load.

Q:  Can community pages be styled differently?

A:  Each Localist license includes only one brand so community pages will be styled just like any other results page on the calendar.

Q:  Can you make an organization-wide community?

A:  It is not possible to create a community that includes all campuses, chapters etc. You will need to create separate event listings for each location/community instance so that users at different locations can RSVP to a specific location/campus/chapter event.

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