EXAMPLES: Public Help Pages

We designed Localist from the ground up to be an intuitive and user-friendly experience – if a user can navigate the web or social media site then they should be able to successfully use Localist. However, many of our partners have decided to provide custom help guides for their audience. So, why doesn’t Localist provide user guides or templates to create user guides? Beyond the support library we don’t offer a guide for basic users because each platform’s layout and functionality can be extremely different so it is not possible for us to create a consistent guide that can translate across platforms. The following examples were imagined, built and implemented 100% by our customers to fit their organization’s unique needs and goals and to match the expectations of their audience.

New User Prompt

University of Texas at Austin

Tutorial & Help Prompts

Clemson University

Enoch Pratt Free Library

East Carolina University

Tutorial Videos

Seacret Direct

Event Calendar FAQ

University of Louisville

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