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The Localist Calendar for Drupal module makes highlighting events on your Drupal site simple. In just a few clicks, you can create a widget directly in your Drupal instance. This widget can then display events from your Localist Calendar on any page on your site.

Note:  Your organization must be a current Localist customer in order to use this module. If your organization has not installed the Localist Calendar for Drupal module, you can still add Localist widgets to any page using the widget builder, available at yourcustomdomain.com/help/widget

Installing the Localist Calendar for Drupal module

1. Start by opening the Localist Calendar for Drupal sandbox page:


2. Select Version Control link

3. To download the module, follow the directions on the Version Control page to make the following git command:

git clone –branch 7.x-1.x https://git.drupal.org/sandbox/localist/2784539.git localist_calendar_for_drupal

4. Next, follow the directions here for module installation: https://www.drupal.org/docs/7/extending-drupal-7/installing-contributed-modules#import_mod–manual

5. In your System section, select Localist Calendar to create new blocks.  localist_calendar_system

6. Select Configuration from the top menu


7. Enter your Localist platform domain in the Localist URL field


8. Next, select Structure from the top menu


9. Name the block of events you are creating


10. After creating a block, it will be listed as disabled 


11. To add your widget to a page, select Blocks to configure which ones are enabled

blocks_navOnce a block as been enabled, it will be highlighted active_block

Styling Widgets

For display changes, you can add styles to the widget’s containing page:

Basic Customizations

For deeper changes, such as those related to structure or adding more data to a widget, you will need to create a custom widget template in your Localist admin dashboard.

Custom Widget Templates

Community Built Drupal Resources