Default Logins: Local & Facebook

Out of the box, Localist provides its own local account creation and log in feature as well as the ability to sign in with Facebook.

What Features Can a User Access When Logged In?

  1. I’m Interested
  2. Reviews
  4. Add photos to an event
  5. Submit an event
  6. Follow a group
  7. Follow a place
  8. Invite Friends

Creating an Account

On your calendar homepage you will see Sign Up and Login to the left of the search bar. Note: This is the default layout. Select Sign Up.

Localist’s account creation has a very low barrier to entry and only requires name + email address. If your platform allows logins via Facebook then users will also be prompted on this page to use Facebook.

Signing in to the Calendar

When on the calendar homepage, select Login. Localist + Facebook modal

Facebook-only modal

Localist + Facebook + SSO