Custom Newsletter Content

When building a newsletter, Localist can either automatically pull in content according to the filters, etc. you have specified or you can add custom content that allows you to pull in individual events.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Adding Custom Content
  • Testing Custom Content

Adding Custom Content

1. In your admin dashboard, navigate to Content > Newsletters

2. Select +Add Newsletter

3. Whether it is a new or previously created newsletter, you will need to uncheck automate events and automate places, which will hide the other event filters, etc. If the newsletter is new then uncheck automate events and select save changes. After saving you will see a Content section appear on the right-hand side. If you are editing a previously made newsletter then this section will already be displayed.

4. Select +New Content (top of the right column)

5. Custom Content Send Fields

  • Active:  Just like the main newsletter content, custom content must also be checked as active before each send.
  • Date:  You will have the option to include the content in tomorrow’s newsletter and up to 15 days in the future. The date must match the day specified in the main newsletter. For example, if the main newsletter is set to send on the next Wednesday, but the custom content is set to send on a Thursday’s date then it will not be included.

6. Featured, Events, and Places: These portions of the custom content form allow you to mimic the functionality of the default newsletter by manually assigning items to each section.

  • Title:  This is the main header for the section. (Below: Featured Events )
  • Subtitle:  This is displayed underneath the main header and can be used to add context for your audience. (Below:  “Here are some obscure events…”)

7. Selecting Content for Each Section

  • After the Featured, Events, and Places fields for assigning a Title and Subtitle you should see another Events and Places section with fields to add items.

  • If you do not see this section then automate events is still checked. Navigate back to the main newsletter, uncheck automate events then save changes.
  • After saving, click add content and you should see this section now.
  • To add an event, start typing the event’s title and select the event from the drop down.

  • After selecting the event, it will be added to a list below. Clicking Add Feature will include the event in the Featured Events section.
  • Once two or more events are added then you can manually arrange the events in a custom order by selecting the grey down or up arrows to the left of the event titles.
  • If an event is not added to the Featured Events section then it will be added to the Events section.
  • To add a place, start typing a place’s name and select from the drop down. The places list order can also be rearranged by using the grey down or up arrows.

8. Body:  This space can be used to include non-event content to your newsletter.

9. Once you are finished adding your content confirm that the date selected matches the day the main newsletter will send. Once confirmed, CHECK ACTIVE.

11. After the custom content is saved as “active” then the custom content’s date will be listed under content on the main newsletter’s edit form.

12. Now that your custom content is saved, navigate back to the newsletter’s main edit form.

13. Check Active in the main edit form.

Note:  Leave automate events or automate places unchecked if you have added custom content for each as this will override the custom content.

Testing Custom Content

While in the custom content form, you will see Email Preview and Browser Preview in the grey bar.

  • Email Preview:  This option will prompt you to enter an email address so that Localist can send you an email version of your completed newsletter.
  • Browser Preview:  This option will open the newsletter in another browser.