Content Distribution

1. Adding Content to Your Calendar

You’re spending a lot of time gathering great event content. Why not get more return on the time invested by syndicating it to partners who don’t have the resources to do it themselves?

2. Include in Featured Event Carousel


3. Highlighting in the Trending Events List

Event promoters can pay to have their event prominently displayed on your online calendar. With Localist, you can do this with our built-in Feature Event option or by checking sponsored, which will add a contrasting background to the event.

4. Including in a Newsletter

With Localist’s built in newsletter builder, you have three options:

  1. Include as a “sponsor” by using custom content
  2. Include as a “featured event”
  3. Include as a “trending event”, etc. (Order can be manually determined if using custom content)

5. Including in a Widget

With Localist’s built in widget builder, you can:

  1. Include an event in a specific widget, such as a widget on your website’s homepage
  2. Include as a “featured event”
  3. Include as a “sponsor,” etc.

6. Affiliate Revenue

Through partnerships with ticketing sites like Ticketmaster, LiveNation, Eventbrite, and more, you can gather affiliate revenue from anyone who clicks the Buy Tickets link through your calendar.