CAS can be set up using three specific URLs provided by your IT department:

  1. Callback URL
  2. Validate URL
  3. Logout URL

Note: We require a name and email address in order to create the user’s record on our end. CAS doesn’t support sending these extra attributes by default, but we do support a common extension of including the name and email in a cas:attributes section of the response. If your system doesn’t support this, the first time a user logs into Localist we will prompt them for this information.

If the Localist and/or Facebook login methods are allowed, then the CAS login will appear as a button below the username/password fields for Localist accounts.

If CAS is the only method allowed, then the login modal will not be displayed. Instead, the login link will be linked with directly with your CAS login page. The separate sign up functionality that is tied to the Localist login method will also disappear.