Global Options

Navigate via Settings > Calendar Settings. This section of the admin dashboard is only visible to platform admins.

Calendar Display Name: This is the name that is displayed in bread crumb links, feed data, emails and notifications for the platform.

Logo Link: When a user clicks the “custom logo” on your calendar, it will take them to this link.

Custom Domain: After you have arranged a CNAME record for your custom domain, this is the field where you save it in Localist. After it has been saved, immediately send a note so that we can configure it on our end.

User Help URL: A link to documentation you provide to your end-users or admins.


  • Contact Email: This can be any one email address. There is a Contact Us link on the event submission form and all inquiries from that form will be sent to this address.
  • Pending Digest Email: This can be any number of emails. Every day at 4 PM a pending digest that includes a list of events in the pending queue will be sent to the specified emails. The digest does not take into account any filter restrictions on a user’s account, but when they navigate to the pending queue they will only see event’s that correspond to their restrictions.


Default Date Range: This can be set to today, this week or this month. This controls what time range is shown when “all events” or a filter is selected from the calendar homepage. The default is today.

Timezone: Select one that applies.

Silent Mode: When checked, Localist will not send any emails/notifications to users.This is unchecked by default.

Event Types on Event Items: Checking this will add filters to the events’ main listings. By default they are not included in the listings.

Filters on Homepage: Unchecking this will remove the taxonomy links on your platform’s homepage.


Google Analytics UA: This is where you enter the UA code supplied by Google Analytics. This should be a unique code and not the same code used for your main website.


  • Foursquare on Places: When selected, place landing pages will have the option to display Foursquare tips. This is unchecked by default/
  • Audience Events: When unchecked, the “submit an event” button will be removed from your calendar homepage and events will only be able to be added by administrators in the admin dashboard. Audience event submissions are allowed by default.