INTRO: Branding Tools

Localist offers 3 branding tools that work together to achieve anything from a basic theming to extensive customization:

  1. SILK Wrapper
  2. Custom CSS
  3. HTML Theme Editor

The SILK Wrapper

As your main branding tool, the wrapper allows your Localist platform to adopt your main website’s header and footer. For organizations looking to achieve a slick, but simple level of customization, implementing a wrapper is the first and only step toward achieving 100% brand adoption.

SILK documentation:



Custom CSS

CSS allows you to make surface level changes to elements that are already built, whether by the customer or provided out-of-the-box by Localist. You can add Custom CSS to the stylesheet within your wrapper or directly into Localist.

CSS documentation:

  • Colors and fonts
  • Button
  • Background, shadows and borders
  • Sizing
  • Border radiuses
  • Text decoration

HTML Theme Editor

You can use Localist’s Theme Editor to access your platform’s HTML to customize how your event data is presented.

Theme Editor documentation:

  • Adding a link to a platform page
  • Moving elements
  • Adding custom guidelines to the submission form
  • Changing what photo size is referenced
  • Embedding iFrames (i.e, Twitter feed)


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.45.03 PM

  • CSS (green): serif font, tab backgrounds, location link color, search field background
  • Theme Editor (blue): larger photo size, added learn more button, added external event/schedule buttons, moved the submission button

Note: Modifying a Theme Editor file will cut it off from receiving any future Localist updates. If a file has not been modified, then it will continue to receive updates. To ensure that you receive as many updates as possible, all changes that can be applied via the wrapper or with custom CSS should not be made in the Theme Editor. For example, while it’s possible to change colors/fonts/sizes/etc with HTML, it can be done just as easily with CSS and will not cause a disconnect from updates.