Release Notes (8/7/2017): New Channel Features & Updates



1. Layout:  You can now easily view all events that have been designated as featured for a Channel.


2. Navigation Locking:  By default, navigation is locked, which means selecting All Events, Filters, or Mini Cal dates will update the ChannelIf unchecked, these links will take the user out of the Channel and to the results pages containing all events.


3. Column Layout:  This setting allows you to easily swap column widths or make the columns an event width.


4. Set as Homepage:  This setting allows you to easily designate which Channel should be your calendar’s homepage.


5. Channel List Rearrangement:  After selecting the “Other Calendars” component, you can designate a new title as well as rearrange the order or opt to not include certain Channels in the component’s list.


1. Map

2. Description


3. Event Spotlight


4. Website Link


5. Social Links

6. Hero Image



The visibility options have been updated for increased clarity and flexibility.

Public = posted in all applicable areas of the calendar and open to indexing.

Unlisted = not posted on the public facing calendar, hidden from indexing and only accessible if you have received the direct link for the event creator/admin.

Restricted = publicly accessible, but posted in only designated areas. If selected, the following options will appear:

  • Place Pages
  • Widgets
  • Logged In Users Only
  • NEW: Channels