Appearance Interface

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 Navigate via Settings > Appearance


List Items

  • SILK Wrapper URL: Place the link to the page that is hosting your wrapper in this field.
  • Include Localist Styles: Unchecking this will remove all styles that Localist provides by default.
  • Colors, Fonts & CSS: Select Customize to use Localist’s built in editor to modify these styles.
  • Satellite Map: Checking this will display Google’s Satellite-view map instead of the default street-view map.
  • Custom Logo:This will be displayed in the top left corner of your calendar. If you are using a SILK wrapper this is not necessary to add.

  • Responsive Design: This is selected by default and it will optimize your platform’s display for tablets and smartphones. If using a SILK wrapper, it must support responsive design.
  • Themes: This is where you access Localist’s HTML editor.

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