All Event Content Export

If you would like to export event content beyond what is provided in RSS or ICS feeds, you must use the Localist API.

Follow these steps:

1. Build an API call.

  • To pull a list of events you would use: http://yourcustomdomain/api/2/events?start=2014-09-01&end=2014-09-30&pp=100&page=1
  • This will pull 100 results per page so to access the next 100 you would change the1 in page=1to 2, etc.
  • Note: Events can be pulled from the start date + 370 days at a time.

2. Enter the API call in your search bar and you will see the data populate.
3. Open in another tab.
4. Copy and paste all data that is on the API results page and paste that information in the first box on
5. Once pasted, the information will be added to the second box in a table format.
6. Select Download the entire CSV and in this CSV you will have all available data for the first 100 events.